More Than Beauty Is History And Peace

Oop !!! I am writing something about my best experience. What should I write about??? There are many thing interesting here starting from the Penang international airport to the Wawasan Open University where I attend the 2010 blog festival. During my first day I was guided to various tourism sites in the city such as Blue mansion by Cheon Fatt Tze who came from China, and the famous Khoo Kongsi clan house. Each site is of the different histories. Seeing the heritage sites is not enough for the visitors; they need to learn more the unique background of each. In Blue mansion, I can learn about the great story of a man, the owner of the house, coming from China and become rich and esteemed man because of his effort. His architecture is a combination of China belief and his own life style: feng Shui. The house is located in between the slope of the hill and the sea which is compared to the back of the dragon representing power. There are many other thing from the door to the kitchen of the blue house related to Chinese aesthetics believe to improve life.

The Gate to Blue Mansion

Without the tour guide, I, frankly speaking, could not understand the meaning and the importance of each item in the house, except the beauty. I found in the tour guide book of Malaysia that, in Penang, there are many other similar architecture and aesthetics. I want to see and hear more about those since I want to all of those happiness in my house too….:D

Penang through My room window

I did notice something else more here. After spending some hours enjoying the heritage sites, I went back to my room in Hotel Malaysia. Look through the window, I can see the breathtaking seaside, skyscrapers, and green mountains situate in front of my sight. Everything is well organized and peaceful. Along the street, I can see many old colonial architecture building. Some have been before the start of World War. I feel I was in Europe: Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam. Many street vendors are waiting to serve us with their smile. I will come here again. I will not attend any meeting or workshop, but explore Penang.

PS: I hope my belove friend join me the exploration….:D

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12 thoughts on “More Than Beauty Is History And Peace

  1. Hope you can come there again next time for pleasure and experience!
    How is the food? I am sure food is as important as history and peace too!
    I really enjoy these pictures, they are as what you have said, very old yet very beautiful.


  2. wow, it is so beautiful. I never visit tourism sites in Malaysia, i used to transit its airport to India. Hopefully, one day i will take my family to visit Malaysia. When will you come back?


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