Cambodian American Fashion Designer is in the Spot light of Holly Wood

Being a fashion designer is not what Remy Hou, a Cambodian American, expected after his graduation. It’s thing appearing while he is working as VIP Technical Supporter for Helio in the United States and lead him to the hottest club of Hollywood.

“If you believe in something, the only thing left to do is create it. I’m inspired because I believe in change,” said Remy Hou whose works in fashion have draped on by celebrities such as Lady gaga, Justin Bieber.

His parent was filled with curiosity when he changed his job suddenly. “It’s not normal for Cambodian to be a fashion designer. Your parents train you to become successful person—a lawyer, doctor, or the owner of donut shop. It’s very common for Cambodian to run a donut shop,” said Remy.

Because Remy did not attend any formal education in fashion and design, he need to learn everything on his own. “For the past five years, I trained myself to run a fashion show, to coordinate model, to coordinate photographer, fashion suite. All the thing I am doing I learn from the previous job with Helio. It’s the point that helps me become better,” said Remy.

The fashion and design appealed Remy when he was working VIP Technical Supporter for Helio and making custom its sweater in 2007. The positive feedback from employers and clients motivate him to keep his work going on. “Anyway I feel now I am fully aware of what I am doing with the branch. I can finally get it out into the marketing,” he added.


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When Remy’s family arrived in Long Beach in 1990, his mother need to sew many clothes everyday to earn for living because his family was so poor then. As a high school student, Remy always helped her work at home during the break. “It’s maybe a catalyst that put me in a better position in learning fashion designing on my own,” said Remy.

“To be a fashion designer is not something easy. You need to put a lot of time and effort. You have to be passionate, focus, and back up plan. And education is one of the back up plan,” said Remy studying Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Management in 2002 and Masters in Business Administration 2004.

Blue and red stripes appear in all of his works—bag, robe, shirt, and many more. “I use the color skin of Cambodia flag as my logo. People know my design but they do not know it’s by Cambodia designer.”

Remy Hu is visiting his homeland, Cambodia, this month as a part of his work in Fashion Week. “My vision is to have a store or boutique here. I am a Cambodian fashion designer. I would be wonderful to have some support from my people,” said Remy Hu.

“They can invest money in Cambodian designer where they know the money to will come back to Cambodia. This is my philosophy of helping people,” added Remy Hu who experiences the aftermath life at the evacuee camp in Thailand after the collapse of Khmer Rouge Regime.

Memory about Cambodia

Different from many other Cambodians earning their fortune in other countries after the falling down of Khmer Rouge, Remy is very appreciated with his childhood here. “I remember the Khmer new year here. Everywhere you went; people were having fun on the street. There was no street light: the light lit from the moon. That’s something I remember as a happy time for me as a kid.”


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